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JDTH Chiller Machines


Chiller Machine Registration

Machines are under warranty for 3 months for labor & 12 months for parts. The warranty starts when a machine is first placed in an outlet.

It's mandatory to complete the on line registration for every machine before it's placed into an outlet.

Please click on the link below to complete the registration process.




For more information about loaning machines for events click here



Please note that the chillers are 'Self Warranty' = no waranty as we expect litte to no issue


with those being tested thouroughly.




If markets have any issue that can't be fixed with the troubleshooting guide they can send


the items back to us (POS Prague) and we will either get the item servicecd or exchange it


for a new item. The freight back and forth as well as the service cost will be


based on the market cost.




Click here for the Instruction Manual for Items JD073 and JH074.